Experience a great adventure with art through social media.

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Social media has radically redefined how the world connects with one another. Whereas snail mail and long distance phone calls once reigned supreme, today the world’s Internet users have a myriad of communication tools available at their fingertips. Not only are these resources valuable for linking families and friends, but they also allow connected individuals to explore the world around them. Art is one obvious example of this trend, with many social media users relying on digital networks to find inspiration and support artists around the Read the rest of this entry »

How to fuse social media to art.

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Social media and art can be fused in two ways. One, social media can be used to promote art. People can post their creative endeavors or portions of them to let others know about their work. Some social media sites such as DeviantArt are specifically set up for artists to promote themselves. Social media has also been used to crowdfund countless creative endeavors. However, social media can also be used to create art itself.

One place where this can be seen is in the existence of Twitter accounts that post Twitter-length Read the rest of this entry »

Competing for Attention – Social Media vs. TV

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How much time do you spend browsing your social media sites via your smartphones, laptops, tablets or any other kind of electronic device? I’m willing to wager that if you were able to add up all that time, it would somehow be much larger than the time you spend on television.

As a culture, we are more fixated on what other people are doing and how it relates to us than we are in the latest television programs. As a result, advertising has moved on more toward the social media side of things. Toyota, SyFy Channel, Sony – these are all just a few major businesses and companies that have their own Facebook, MySpace and Twitter pages.

Why spend money advertising on TV when everyone is on the internet? Even people who use satellite internet services like http://www.satelliteinternetspecials.net/hughes-net/Virginia/ can be pitched to, with that strategy. Not to mention that it’s a whole lot cheaper to just advertise on social media than with television service providers.

In some cases it’s even free.

None of this is to suggest that television will ever entirely be phased out, because it won’t. However, as the internet and social media are woven even deeper into our lives, you will continue to see less focus on TV and more on social networking.

Navigating your way through social media to art.

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Social media is the new way for artists to network. Gallery space can be an expensive way for your art to be seen, and getting people to come out to your showing can be difficult. Most artists have day jobs so they can afford to focus on their art, and to a lesser extent, be able to pay the rent. This makes time limited.

Social media is a great way to network with other artists and fans of art without having Read the rest of this entry »

Anything But Ordinary: Art and Social Media

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Art and social media have become a big part of the World Wide Web. This is an extraordinary fusions of two forms of expression that people are falling in love with. The world of social media has created a platform for many things. People have been able to save money because of it. Individuals that have a link into social media circles are also more knowledgeable on certain technologies. The buzz about everything appears to come directly through the Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus sites.Additional information can be found at http://www.optimumexposure.co.uk/2012/05/launch-socl-microsoft-another-social-media-platform/. The new thing that is trending right now is art.

Social media has an important link to art because artists are now able to gain followers through this platform. This is a great free outlet for artists to post pictures, paintings and any types of artwork that they want to share with the rest of the world. This has become a wonderful platform that continues to grow. Social media is bigger than ever before. Art can rise to new heights because of this. It is such a wonderful thing to see artists become overnight sensations thanks to technology. This is an exciting platform for art. It shows the positive power of people in social circles.

Are art and social media truly transparent?

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Everyone is constantly saying that art and social media are transparent mediums. This means that everything that is created within their realms is an honest expression. However, the reality couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to honesty. Social media is one of the realms where we simply make our own image. We do not have to be anything we do not want to be. What this means is we can hide the things we don’t like Read the rest of this entry »

Influential information about art and social media.

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There is no denying that social media is a powerful tool for advertising and marketing. Social Media enables users to share a wealth of information, knowledge and art with ease. With a few simple clicks of a few buttons, users can share just about anything with friends, family and strangers worldwide.

Social Media enables users to create buzz about the things that interest them the most. Via social media outlets you can share a lovely painting, a great song or a thought provoking video with others.Is this new to you? Catch up July 2013

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